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Sku: B07NCMB36T
Product Type: Crystal Chandeliers

  • 1. LARGE CHANDELIER for STAIRCASE:This raindrop chandelier is designed for large space home with staircases. Compared to general ceiling light chandelier, it is much bigger and provides more light. The required height is 83 inches and width 26 inches. Very large and modern decorative staircase chandelier.

    2. RAINDROP CRYSTAL CHANDELIER: This raindrop crystal chandelier applies K9 crystal balls with high effective light reflection and translucent feature. It can provide splendid chandelier lights to the lobby and stairs, very beautiful and bright.

    3. MODERN DESIGN SPHERE CHANDELIER: This Wonderful sphere raindrop chandelier contains 2 big ball-shape structures surrounded by beautiful crystal lights, which makes it look really nice and artistic as a whole.

    4. TIME and EFFORT REQUIRED ASSEMBLY: The assembly of this large chandelier requires a lot of time and effort to form a really nice and giant chandelier for large room. You will find it is worth of every effort to put it together when you see a whole splendid crystal raindrop chandelier shining before you.

    5. CHANDELIER DIY SERVICE: We also accept the book of particular size of this crystal chandelier which means you may decide the height of chandelier, the quantity and size of the sphere. Just write to us your particular requirement, and we will proceed with it.