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Sku: GT-00151415
Product Type: Pet Grooming Table
Vendor: Auxley

If you have a pet, it's necessary to trim the pet hair, so what we are going to recommend to you is this GT-101 Adjustable Heavy Type Hydraulic Grooming Table Part B. This hydraulic grooming table is made of high quality steel frame, MDF board and PVC surface, which is sturdy and durable. This table is adjustable, and you can adjust to the most suitable height. And the attached necklace is convenient for you to fasten the pet. It has a strong bearing capacity of 50-60kg, which is reliable. So don't hesitate, just buy it!

1. Made of high quality steel frame, MDF board and PVC surface, sturdy and durable
2. Adjustable, the adjustable height is from 55cm to 99cm, can adjust to the most suitable height
3. Adjustable arm with necklace, convenient to fasten pets
4. 50-60kg strong bearing capacity
5. Convenient and easy for you to trim pet hair


The item will be divided into two part.
1. Color: Blue
2. Style: Z-Shaped Hydraulic Grooming Table With "H" Base
3. Table Dimensions: (42.52 x 23.62)" / (108 x 60)cm (L x W)
4. Adjustable Height: (21.65~38.98)" / (55-99)cm
5. Material: Steel Frame & MDF Board & PVC Surface
6. Height of Adjustable Arm: 27.17" / 69cm
7. Weight Capacity: 150 kg / 330 lbs

Part A:Weight:  27kg / 59.52lbs
Part B: Weight: 17kg / 37.48lbs

Package Includes:
1 x Hydraulic Grooming Table
1 x Adjustable Arm
1 x Noose

Part A and Part B Selling Together.

The Pet Grooming Table is packed in 2 different boxes. The delivery time could also be different. Please wait 1-2 more days if you only received 1 package.