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Sku: GT-36679764
Product Type: Bird Cages and Stands
Vendor: Auxley

If you are looking for a suitable cage for your pet bird, this 37" Bird Parrot Cage Canary Parakeet Cockatiel LoveBird Finch Bird Cage is a good choice for you. This interactive bird cage is great for activity and mental stimulation in your pet bird. It is suitable for small and medium parrots. It equipped with three sturdy wooden perches and four non-pollution plastic food cups, which can meet bird's need. Moreover, the easy-opened door enables you to place toys and food easily. So what are you waiting for? Don't hesitate, just take it home!

1. Made of durable steel iron wire frame and plastic bottom tray
2. Feature 2 large front doors each with 2 small doors for easy access into the inner cage
3. Contain 4 side doors to hold plastic feeders for food and water change.
4. Contain 3 wooden timber perches, 4 plastic feeders, 1 swing and 1 pull-out plastic tray
5. The top area can be opened to provide a place for your pet to play
6. It has a sliding bottom tray for easy clean up
7. Simple knock down structure, easy to assemble


1. Tray Material: ABS Plastic
2. Cage Material: Iron
3. Color: White
4. Dimensions: (18.11 x 14.17 x 36.61)" / (46 x 36 x 93)cm (L x W x H)
5. Weight: 176.37oz / 5000g
6. Suitable For: Budgie Parrot, Parrot, Golden Sun,Canary Parakeet,Cockatiel,Lovebird,Finch Bird 7

Package Includes:

1 x Cage
3 x Wood Perches
4 x Food Cups
1 x Swing