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Sku: GT-35563917
Product Type: Ukulele
Vendor: Auxley

A durable and reliable case can protect your beloved ukulele completely when it's idle. So today we'd like to offer this 21" Soprano Hawaii Style Pattern Leather Ukulele Case for all ukulele lovers. It is an elegant, handy and portable case which can well store and hold the ukulele and accessories. It features high-quality leather material and compact size to offer your ukulele utmost protection. Furthermore, our high-grade ukulele leather case comes with fashionable style, elegant color and convenience to carry. With non-abrasive soft lining, it must give your ukulele the most considerate care!

1. Made of high quality leather
2. Protection against scratch and shock for your ukulele
3. Elegant, handy and portable
4. Used to store and hold the ukulele and accessories
5. With non-abrasive soft lining, it must give your ukulele the most considerate care

1. Inner Dimensions: (23.23 x 7.87 x 2.36)"  (L x W x H)
2. Color: Light Blue
3. Ukulele Case Total Length: Inner Diameter: 23.82" ,Outside Diameter: 24.61" 
4. Ukulele Neck Length: Inner Diameter: 12.01",Outside Diameter: 12.6" 
5. Upper Neck Width: Inner Diameter: 4.92" ,Outside Diameter: 5.91" 
6. Lower Neck Width: Inner Diameter: 3.15" ,Outside Diameter: 4.13" 
7. Ukulele Case Lower Body Length: Inner Diameter: 11.81" ,Outside Diameter: 12.01" 
8. Ukulele Case Lower Body Upper Width: Inner Diameter: 6.5" ,Outside Diameter: 7.28"
9. Ukulele Case Lower Body Lower Width: Inner Diameter: 8.86" ,Outside Diameter: 9.84" 
10. Ukulele Case Top Cover Depth: Inner Diameter: 0.79",Outside Diameter: 1.38" 
11. Ukulele Case Bottom Depth: Inner Diameter: 2.56" ,Outside Diameter: 2.76" 
12. Weight: 44.09oz 
13. Pattern: Hawaii Style Inn
14. Material: Leather

Package Includes:
1 x Ukulele Case